"From these ashes a legion will rise, and with these wings we will set the world on fire..."

a little about us

we are a full time war clan (war is optional) with a mix of pushing and farming.we are largely composed of th10's; we have about 1/3 th9's. our members (range in ages from 15-57 and from all over) are all very experienced and also eager to learn new tactics!

our mission: we are looking to build a family clan so that; together, we may start a new push clan to stay top 200 permanetly! (alliance name in progress) we pride ourselves on clan image and selfless donations (meaning were not greedy about what we donate) some of us will gem you troops even. clan castles fill QUICK!!!

what makes us special?

as stated before we have solid members that are willing to do anything to take care of their family and fill their cc (clan castle) filled in a timely manner! infact they are so out going they compete for highest donations!

we have a family clan named "Phoenix Shrine" (mostly indo clan) come meet our family! if your more of a night owl or a eastern world player this might be the right fit for you!

check our our youtube channel!Clashingwith sasuke

we make all recruits go through the farm clan "phoenix blaze" (no worries its a quick process) so our members are never bothered with trolls and hoppers. If you have ever had someone join pretending to need a home only to request a maxed pekka and leave you might understand why we do things this way! so join tell us your story we are not as mean as we sound but we are strict about our quality and clan!

basic rules

  1. must be TH 10/9 lvl 100+
  2. heros 30 combined minimum exceptions only made for family members
  3. donate before requesting
  4. maxed th9 troops
  5. lvl 8 walls minimum (we preffer lvl9-10)
  6. "friend in need" unlocked
  7. 150 war stars (we under stand if you were a nomad like myself)
  8. 1:2 donation ratio
  9. donate what is asked for and please use maxed troops for war. you will be responsable for the clan castle directly below you in war donate the largest troops first.
  10. no farming below master 3
  11. must use both attacks in war win or lose... fair is fair we win together and loose together. some exceptions can be made for emergencies
  12. no X/Imod! were not cheaters! this means no ghosting (atking in airplane mode) either
  13. line messenger is a must

so how to join?

  1. search phoenix blaze clan tag is #YPL9V22Y
  2. show our CO-LEADERS what your made of! tell us a little about yourself and prove your a good donator! you will be required to participate in a war at phoenix blaze before you are allowed to move to legion.
  3. get line messenger! you will need it to get into legion! once connected to the group; we will then open our doors to let you in!

clans and tags

  1. Phoenix Legion.......#PY98R8OQ NOTE no zeros in clan tag
  2. Phoenix Shrine.......#JUOQRYY NOTE no zeros in clan tag
  3. Phoenix blaze .......#YPL9V22Y